These pieces of jewellery were all hand made here in our shop.
Their prices range from under $300.00 to over $4000.00
showing that not everyone has to be rich and famous to
afford a one off, unique, handmade piece of jewellery.

Jewellery is a very personal thing and it should be as unique as the person who is wearing it.

Opal has many factors that make it perfect for an affordable, one off piece of jewellery and it is all due to the unique circumstances under which it formed here in Australia. It is available in any colour combination imaginable which can be displayed in an endless variety of patterns. Add to this the fact that most opals are cut by hand into unusual shapes, dictated by the stones themselves, and you have the perfect starting point for the creation of something never seen before that could never be made again.

Just as important as beginning with a unique stone, is the jewellery design itself. After all of our specialty experience working with opal we have come to learn that in most cases, less is often more. It is very easy to design an over complex piece of jewellery with lots of gold and diamonds that in the end just detracts from the natural beauty of the opal. By following the contours of the opal, with just the right amount of gold and diamonds, combined with our mixture of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques ensure that the finished piece is as unique and balanced as the stone itself. From concept to construction the stone is constantly checked against the design to make sure it will out shine the jewellery surrounding it.

(For a complete explanation on how opal forms please see the "INFORMATION" menu to the left)

The rising costs of gold and labour are forcing many jewellers to abandon their one off original designs, for more easily quantified mass produced jewellery. This, combined with the fact that the vast majority of jewellers will only work using faceted stones, is meaning that unique jewellery for an affordable price is becoming a rarer find every day.

Without any argument, of all of the faceted stones used in jewellery today, it's diamond that is by far the most common. Disregarding that the diamond market prices can be extremely dubious at the best of times, it is the variety in their shapes that is the real problem. Many faceted stones, have to be cut to a mathematical formula to insure that they sparkle the way they should. This means that they are only readily available in a set range of shapes (round, square, pear, etc). It is this conformity in their shape that greatly reduces the range of unique jewellery they are available in. There can only really be so many ways to orientate a round stone in piece of jewellery. Granted there are new fancy cuts coming out every other week, but unfortunately, the price that they are sold for rarely ever comes into the "affordable" price range for most people in the world.

Opal, unlike many other stones, is purely priced on its rarity. Though the rarer and brighter colours available in opal can often be outside of many people’s price range, the cheapest of opal can still be truly unique. If you are interested in the unique range of jewellery we currently have available please contact us. We always ensure that we have a variety of opal to suit every one's tastes and budget in stock and are always willing to provide obligation free quotes for loose stones to finished pieces of jewellery. A simple description of your budget and what your preferred colours in the opal are will make our response time much more timely.