After a lot of consideration we have decided that we do not wish to expand our business in the format of an online store.

The main factors affecting this decision, were the amount of time that would have been constantly required in the online stores upkeep and the loss of our shops identity and personal feel. The time lost, we feel, would have greatly affected the high level of service we try to provide to all of our customers, and also, would have reduced the amount of time we would have, to actually make new jewellery. We also feel that the online store would have had a very negative effect on our unique identity, by removing the direct, personal contact between ourselves and our customers. We were concerned that we would follow the path of nearly all other online store operators, stopping the lines of our unique handmade jewellery for mass produced easily quantified stock. As all customers who have visited our store would know, it is our love of creating one off pieces of jewellery in our own unique style that has got us to where we are today and that will keep us going tomorrow.

We are still going to provided our stock on the internet for purchase, but, rather than a complete online catalogue, we will only show selections of what we have available. If while exploring our selection, you do find something you are interested in, please contact us using the link provided by that particular item of jewellery. We will also be providing a separate section on our website for anyone who wishes to contact us about a custom made piece of jewellery or any quantity orders regarding pearl and gemstone strands.

If you don't see quite what you're looking for in the stock we do provide online, please don't hesitate to contact us as we may have something suitable that we aren't displaying, or at the very least, we can provided you with an obligation free quote for something to be custom made.

We will provide a PayPal account for anyone who wishes to complete a transaction online as this is an extremely secure method of a funds transfer but we can also accept credit cards directly over the phone. We will not be providing the opportunity to make direct purchases online without contacting us first, even though some people may consider this an inconvenience, we consider it as providing a high level of security for our customers. If you are a customer on our site you will never have to be concerned about losing any part of your personal information, hopefully making your experience relaxing and enjoyable, the same as it would be if you were right here in our shop.