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Opal jewellery really is our specialty, with us seeing the process right through from start to finish here in our shop.

Although we no longer mine for opal, our previous experiences and contacts throughout the mining industry still give us the ability to buy top quality rough directly from the miners. Not being tied to a mining location however, grants us the freedom to regularly drive across Australia and acquire opal varieties from all of the major fields in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

After sorting and grading our rough, we then proceed to cut, shape and polish the opal so that it is ready for sale either loose or as a finished item of jewellery. Carrying both loose rough and polished opals allows us to cater to everyone’s tastes in colour and budget.

If a customer can't find exactly what they are looking for in our already made jewellery, then a quick search through our polished opal or a check in our stock pile of rough, will often lead to the discovery of an opal perfect for them, meaning that they can begin the process of designing a custom piece of jewellery with the help of one of our jewellers.

Regardless of whether we are making a piece of custom jewellery for you, or whether it is something already made in our stock, all of our jewellery is made with the same care and to the same high standards. All of the opal we carry in our store is 100% NATURAL SOLID AUSTRALIAN OPAL, you will NEVER find a triplet, doublet, synthetic, replicated, duplicated, simulated, enhanced, fake or rubbish piece of opal in our store. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can say we ONLY sell the real deal. (If you wish to learn more about opal or what a triplet, doublet or solid are please see the "Information" tab on the menu to the left)

We only use 14 and 18 karat Australian gold in our solid gold jewellery and all of our silver is guaranteed 100% nickel free Sterling Silver with nearly the entire selection being Rhodium plated. Not only is the gold that we use Australian but so are all of the diamonds. We do carry industry standard or more traditional designs but it is the selection of one off and modern day designs that really set us apart.