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In an attempt to make browsing our range easy and enjoyable we have separated it into basic categories using the "OUR RANGE" menu. To start browsing please use the drop down menu provided to the left.

Over the years, as both our experience and customer base have grown, our range has expanded in ways we could never have imagined.

With our workshop built right into our store, customers can watch us working on gold, opal and diamond jewellery we have designed or even watch as their new piece of jewellery is constructed. Our solid yellow and white gold with gemstone jewellery is produced entirely in 14 and 18 karat Australian gold and ranges from traditional, classic styles to truly one of a kind handmade designs. Our sterling silver with gemstone selection is manufactured to the same high standards as our gold jewellery, insuring a high quality alternative to people on all budgets with all manner of tastes. If you can't find anything in our already made selection of jewellery that takes your fancy then we will help guide you through the process of designing a piece to exactly suit your wants or needs and manufacture it for you right here in our workshop.

If traditional gold and silver jewellery aren't your thing, we have an absolutely massive selection of ready strung semi-precious gemstone and pearl strands. Currently we have one of the largest selections of fresh water pearls, in North Queensland with over 300 colour and shape variations available. We are also expanding our already extensive gemstone bead selection with more precious and semi-precious strands from all around the world. All of these strands are available ready to string for beaders and crafts people alike or they can be mixed, matched and designed into your own personal range of jewellery and made for you while you wait.

Although we do carry a large variety of Australian and international, loose salt and fresh water pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and finished gemstone and pearl jewellery, it is Australian opal in which we specialize. From mining and fossicking, cutting and polishing to designing and manufacturing finished opal jewellery, we have done it all. We ONLY sell SOLID AUSTRALIAN OPAL, you will never find a triplet, doublet, synthetic, simulated, plastic, fake or piece of rubbish opal in our shop EVER. (If you would like to know what exactly a "solid", "triplet", "doublet", etc is please visit the "INFORMATION > OPAL INFORMATION" menu to the left) In an attempt to cater to every one's tastes in opal and due to the fact that every single stone is unique, we try to keep a selection of between 2 to 10 thousand, loose cut and polished opals ready to go. We also carry quite a large amount of unpolished opal, allowing us the ability to cut and colour match stones to nearly any shape and size required. Our opal cutting bench is located directly next to our jewellery bench in the shop and again people are more than welcome to watch as opal is cut and polished ready for setting.

Due to the amount of unique stock that we carry and produce, we can't put every piece onto our website. We will endeavour to put a good range online to showcase our skills and give you an idea of what exactly we do have, but if at any time you are after something particular that you cannot find, please don't hesitate to contact us. If we don't have something already made that is suitable we will happily give you an obligation free quote on producing what you would like. If you do find something online that you would like to purchase or even just ask some questions about, please follow the link provided on the item of jewellery. If the jewellery doesn't have a link it is probably already sold or was a custom order. To provide the best security possible to our customers, we will provide a PayPal account for credit card payments online, or we can accept credit cards over the phone. We will not be providing the opportunity to make direct purchases online without contacting us first, even though some people may consider this an inconvenience, we consider it as providing a high level of security for our customers. If you are a customer on our site you will never have to be concerned about losing any part of your personal information, hopefully making your experience relaxing and enjoyable, the same as it would be if you were right here in our shop. You will never be asked by this website to enter your personal bank details so please browse our stock with confidence that your personal information is safe.