Our main goal at The Gem Gallery is to provide accurate information to anyone wishing to learn about our industry or just straighten out their existing knowledge.

We have been gathering this information for many years, from Nick’s beginnings in England cutting and polishing stones to David’s Gemmological Association of Australia experience while gaining his jewellery qualifications, it has all been taken into account. Although there are many written records regarding these subjects, many of which we have consulted, we have found they are often written in a very broad manner and rarely by experts in one particular field. Even when they are written as a comprehensive manual they often deal with the subject in a complex manner and miss the information that everyday people are interested in.

Some sections of our information page will be more detailed than others, mainly due to our personal experience levels in particular fields. As we specialise in opal, you will find its information page very detailed with added knowledge from our cutting, polishing, mining and jewellery manufacturing experience. Other fields, such as Tungsten Carbide, will have less information.

We do provide a FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as detailed information, but if you can't find what you're looking for or wish to ask further questions PLEASE contact us. We would like to expand our information section as much as we can and the best way to do that is for you to ask us questions.