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Our main goal at The Gem Gallery is to correctly educate people about Australian opal. Over the years there have been many unfortunate cases of misinformation, superstitions and deliberate misreprisentation regarding opal that we wish to help repair. We don't want to manipulate people's own personal opinions or view about opal, rather we want them to be able to make an informed decision on their own. Not only will a properly educated public be able to avoid purchasing any fake opal by being able to identify the real deal, but hopefully they will also be able to help educate others who have incorrect knowledge, helping raise opal's stature to where it deserves to be.

(For anyone interested in opal education please visit the "INFORMATION" menu to the left.)

We also wish to provide high quality one-off opal jewellery to people with all budgets in mind. We really feel that jewellery should be as unique as the person who is wearing it and we also appreciate that not all people are able to spend the same amounts of money on jewellery. As a result we offer one off, handmade, 14k solid gold and solid opal jewellery from prices as low as $200. In addition we provide 14K solid gold and solid opal cast jewellery from $85.00. With solid opal sterling silver jewellery starting even lower still.

Although looking at our selection of jewellery on the internet will never be as personal as a visit to our shop, we will still try our hardest to make sure that customers are as happy and informed as they would be right here.